16GB New Style Leather Flash Drive (Coffee) from TMart Review

Posted on Oct 28 2013 - 11:53pm by Harkunwar

leather pendriveI was today fiddling with flash drives and then I though of reviewing the 16GB New Leather Style Coffee Flash Drive which I had got earlier from Tmart.com

I’ve had earlier experience with Chinese flash drives from local Indian stores and have always faced some or the other problem in them. Sometimes the flash drives is of like 2 GB and they claim of 32 GB and they use some odd measures to show that the flash drives is actually 32 GB

Some flash drives show copying speed of less than 1 MB/s. I was really fedup of those but then I thought of giving a trying again to the flash drive given to me by TMart. It was claimed to me 16 GB and was really of that much space. It was also quite fast in terms of copying speed. It looks kinda’ premium due to the leather cover and the metal inside.

metal pendrive with leather Its quite shiny and looks cool. It also has a magnet in the leather which you can see in the image which makes it with the flash drive all the time and doesn’t open on its own.

This flash drive I got was for around 14$ which would make Rs 800 almost which I think is a bit costly. But still after comparing the features would a normal flash drive, I would say that its better in speed comparisons in copying than other small flash drives. The only bad point I’ve discovered is a bit high price otherwise its really great. If you want, you can head on and buy it over here – http://ugky.in/pdrvtmart


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