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Posted on Aug 7 2013 - 10:09pm by Abhishek Joshi

The popularity of shortened URL’s has posed a new threat to the average user; a lot of times, URL’s are shortened to hide the real content and thus do not allow people to detect if it is some random nonsense or not.The only way to find it out yet is by visiting them. Considering the vastness of the internet, hiding behind the shortened URL could be a malware or trojan infected website which could cause damage to your computer and possibly fetch sensitive information without the user’s notice.

URL Uncover and URL UncoverPRO offer a rather helpful service; they help you determine whether a shortened link Eg:  is trustworthy or if you are just wasting your time with it. It checks and scans the website first and lets you know whether the website is safe to visit or not without having to visit it. You just have to paste the link in the box and URL Uncover will run the site through McAfee’s Site Advisor and checks if the site is trustworthy or not. Also, the site puts up the title, description, meta keywords along with a screenshot of the site that the URL links to. Recently, and linkbucks support has been added and so, it gives the uncovered link after the or linkbucks timeout has ended.

Just enter the URL and hit “Uncover”




URL Uncover and URL UncoverPRO while advertise the same features and are also are under the same brand name, in our testing, we found that URL UncoverPRO (which notably doesn’t require any signup or asks you to pay anything) actually managed to fail in loading the title, description, and meta keywords. Contrary to the nomenclature, URL Uncover though with a less swankier interface did all that they advertised.

URL Uncover:



URL UncoverPRO:



Despite the modest look when compared to the later one, URL Uncover worked well.

Also, they have made the script available for purchase on CodeCanyon.

[URLUncover] [URLUncoverPRO]

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