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Introduction to the Password Server

In today’s information age, many tech-savvy people like us need to memorize innumerable user-names and their respective passwords, and precisely stating, the most convenient practice is to keep them distinct yet easily accessible wherever and whenever required. The most challenging part is to retain the multiple combinations and certainly, even tougher task is to recollect the exact combination for the corresponding username. Another simpler and commonly used yet extremely risky technique is to use conventional password everywhere for ease in accessibility and less of stress on our memories. People generally have a tendency to note down the passwords on pieces of paper, text files, notebooks, spreadsheets, etc and, there is a good chance of getting the paper misplaced or the hackers getting access.

There is also an increasing trend among employees in many companies to use the same or similar passwords as the ones they use for their personal online services or social networking websites. This practice also makes it easy for professional hackers to gain access to passwords and possibly secured records within the organization.

This is where tools like password managers are effective, as they alleviate the trouble of remembering too many passwords by storing and efficiently manage them. With the usage of an encrypted password management system, the problem of hacking is resolved at the very first step and the risk of losing passwords is greatly minimized. A secure and safe password management is a must for any enterprise, which ensures smooth and secure functioning.

Pleasant Password Server is a simple, secure, trusted and easy to use multi-user password management system. Designed and developed by Pleasant Solutions, this application is compatible with KeePass for MS Windows; a highly rated and widely used open source OSI certified password manager.

While Pleasant Password Server can be used to store and retrieve passwords, it can effectively be used to ensures safe and sound protection of any sensitive data, facts-figures, credit card numbers, etc. In addition to providing secure storage and retrieval of information, it simplifies administrative control over user’s access to passwords and other secrets.

Overview of Pleasant Password Server

  • Free trial: Yes, free trial is available. You can either download and install a fully functional demo with enterprise features OR try out instant demo hosted on their servers.
  • Ideal for: Enterprises of any size concerned about the security of their passwords.
  • User limit: There is no user limit.
  • Documentation: Every feature and concept has been very explained by the context-sensitive help text, moreover, helpful documentation as well as informative videos are available.
  • Security: Safe and secure, it ensures foolproof security.

Technical Details

The software has been developed using leading edge and proven technologies.
While the server application must be installed on a Windows OS, general users have multiple options to access their data –

  1. Using Windows based KeePass client,
  2. Using web browsers (platform independence, can be used from any OS),
  3. Mobile devices running on Android or iOS platforms.

The password server by default uses extremely lightweight SQLite database. In addition to that MS SQL Server 2005, MS SQL Server 2008, MS SQL Server 2012 and PostgreSQL are supported too. More importantly, the password server adheres to very high security standards – database is encrypted using FIPS 140-2 compliant AES-256 encryption algorithm.

The most important feature of this software is its prolific characteristic of allowing lucid and effortless administration. Let’s go through the features -

  • The initiation is done with the addition of users to the Pleasant Password Server by using the Add User link. Inclusion is also possible by importing users directly from your Active Directory or any other LDAP compliant directory server. This acts as a great reliever from performing the laborious task of manual entries and saves time too.
  • Enumeration of roles is made possible by accessing the Roles tab. With this feature, the administration of multiple users who have the same access to folders and entries is made possible. By creation of roles, the right to access is made feasible and it is then applied to multiple users. A modification in the role access also modifies and implicates the access of all users simultaneously and hence, there is no requirement of updating each user individually. Subsequently, a sub-role is also awarded to the main role for systematic and organized management and editing purpose.
  • The Access Level section permits the creation of various levels that define the operations a user is permitted to perform on Groups and Entries. Subsequently, several permissions can be incorporated into a custom Access Level that can then be used on the users and roles.
  • Client Configuration allows policies regarding password management to easily be enforced i.e. the password length, characters, etc.
  • Logging feature permits monitoring, tracking and a constant follow-up of the entire cycle of events occurring inside the application. It acts as an audit trail of all activities.

User access
Most users who are on a Windows based OS, will download the KeePass Client and access their passwords through that interface. However, users can access their passwords through the browser based Web Client, for additional convenience or if they are working on any non-Windows based OS.
The screen capture below shows the difference in the application interface for user access versus administrative access.

Web Client interface for admin user

Web Client interface for admin user

Web Client interface for normal user

Web Client interface for normal user

Detailed pricing chart is available on the website with an option for a custom quotation. The pricing seems to be very fair given that the competitors are typically 3 to 4 times more expensive. All purchases come with one year of free upgrades to new versions. If for any reason Pleasant Password Server does not meet your needs, a refund may be requested within 30 days.


  • Easy to use and administer. Users need to remember only one master password.
  • Can be used to store any sensitive information such as SIN, credit card numbers, security answers etc.
  • Strong adherence to security, including automatic clipboard erase – clipboard is automatically flushed after few seconds on password usage.
  • Powerful logging capabilities.
  • Reduction in administrative costs.
  • Free, unlimited customer support.

Not much except at least one windows machine would be required as Pleasant Password Server must be installed on a windows machine.

Overall, the exhaustive and herculean task of remembering and recollecting diverse passwords is avoided completely with the support of this software due to its faultless and consolidated performance. It is user-friendly, easily accessible, simple to administer and clearly understandable. Its style of operation is unique among various password management softwares. If you are a small to mid-sized company, and are considering an enterprise password management solution, we would recommend you to consider Pleasant Password Server.

This review has been authored by EurEx Consulting.

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