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Posted on Jun 15 2013 - 10:05pm by Harkunwar

PayPal is the biggest money transfer service in the whole world. It has great security and is completely superior. PayPal is loved in every country where it has a proper presence. No one can beat PayPal. I’ve been using PayPal since long and it’s still the best.

But since the beginning of the year 2011, everything started to change.  PayPal became the reason of many conflicts in the Reserve Bank of India. PayPal did not allow you to keep balance in your online account. Then PayPal finally added a transaction limit of $500 though raised it soon to $3000.

All Indian users started finding other payment methods rather than PayPal but wherever they went, PayPal was the most preferred and most secure payment method. Indian guys tried to find ways to transfer money from one PayPal account to but no one found a proper successful way which could help them in their transactions.


How I got it to work ?

Today sitting, browsing the internet and thinking, I found a completely astonishing way which could help potential Indian PayPal users help transfer money to someone’s PayPal account whom they wanna send some payment due to any valid reason.

How this works is that you cannot send money directly from a one Indian PayPal account to other Indian PayPal account so to make it work we go indirectly. We add another account between these two accounts.

We’ll add an account of a country which does allow making of PayPal accounts without an Bank or a Credit Card but allow you to keep balance and transfer it forward. Such a country is Canada


You can simply create a Canadian account with fake details. Get money from your recipient and transfer it to your Indian PayPal account. You get the money directly in your bank.

So wasn’t it easier. I was thinking over this since long and finally found my own way and the trick how to accomplish this. This trick is in one of those tricks of mine which I’ve created on my one with very much thinking of mine. You can follow me on @iHarkunwar to contact me on any purpose.

This transfer has made my life a lot more easier. Now people who paid me via Different means which took very long time can easily transfer money to my Canadian account.

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  1. Roy Johnson July 4, 2013 at 2:00 am - Reply

    can my friend in u.s. deposit money to my paypal account in india. I can pay him later through wire transfer.

  2. Manoj Behera July 25, 2013 at 2:32 pm - Reply

    It is not possible becus you have to add a canadian bank account ….

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